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How Can You Pursue Perfectionism in Improvement Work?

How Can You Pursue Perfectionism in Improvement Work?

Is perfectionism a desirable trait? In business terms it can be the source of anxiety, unrealistic ambitions and unreasonable demands. But in some sectors perfectionism is the perfect driver for success within a particular market. Property is a competitive area and the desire for uniqueness is growing when it comes to conversions, extensions and improvements. Can perfectionism satisfy this desire?


Perfectionism in Property

Improvements add value to properties, with items such as extensions and conservatories giving a generous return on investment of over 70%, according to figures from the peer-to-peer lending business, Zopa.

If the practice of home improvement is widespread, then in some instances the defining factors may be quality and exclusivity.

“You might come across plenty of conversions and extensions in an area, but the key thing will be the work itself”, comments Restoration Projects’ Construction Director, Michael Kemp. “People look to express themselves through their property, which means finding ways to improving it that will make it really distinctive”.

Professional restoration and preservation of historically and culturally important buildings provides lessons in technique and the application of craftsmanship that can be taken and applied to private dwellings.


Sourcing and Application of Materials

True craftsmanship in building work can incorporate perfectionism in a totally positive way. This is because choosing the right, appropriate materials ensures that a project is completely harmonised, that its completion will reflect the choice of materials used and the care and attention in their application.

“This perfectionism applies as much to modern, contemporary materials as it does to period details”, Michael observes. “The art in building is in recognising what works in a particular setting and how best to ensure this”.

There are certain details, such a well-placed window to bring in more natural light, which can transform a space. Similarly, applying the right kind of plaster mouldings to a period home, in keeping with its origins, makes a crucial difference to its overall impression.


“Don’t underestimate the value in perfectionism because it is the details that can absolutely make a difference, and help create something of lasting value when it comes to building improvement work”

Michael Kemp, Restoration Projects


Restoration Projects are experts in researching and sourcing unusual and exclusive materials in order to give their projects an extra depth and resonance.  If this is something that you demand from your next project, please call them on 01457 861702.